Monday, July 6, 2009

Trip to Banding Island on June 2009

Assalamualaikum and good day to all readers.

In this year a trip to Banding Island has been decided on 26th June 2009, our group that contain about 8 person. 7 person from Kroh, Pengkalan Hulu and the another 1 from Tambun, Ipoh has already prepaired from the night before go to camp site until early in the morning of friday.

We arrive at the jetty at 9 o'clock from 7 0'clock around 2 hours from Pengkalan Hulu to Banding Island. Before that we stopped by at Felda
(i actually dont know what the felda name) because to collect the oil palm fruit as a bait for fishing.

beauty of nature.

beautiful isnt it the waterfall behind the camp site.
but beware of 'pacat'. I has been bitten by 'pacat' the things sucked blood.

the were doing a 'Roti Lilit'

This is 'Roti Lilit' it is so delicious but not delicious as my mom recipe.hehehe

what is the picture down above(someone was asking me for what the firecracker use in the jungle) this question small kid can answer the firecracker is use for chasing animal from our camp site. othe than that it can use to bomb the fish. Yes we have do it.
our second day
this is our caught for that day to survive in the jungle. But all of this enough to us to get energy to do another activity in the jungle. This way can train ourself to live in hard life.

our third day
this 2 persons(the picture down there) shout the challenge that have givven by the person named wan to dive the boat to jetty to get some stock of food for our last day. They have a great journey and experience adventure at the day.

our last night
having a dinner for clearing all stock of food that doesnt finished

Our last day
all of the them were sad plus happy enjoying the nature virtually untouched

from left : dd, amir, syirul, shahim(hiding behind aki), aki, wan, puteh and amirul

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