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The Origins of Banding Island

An Island Without Compare

To know the origins of Banding, you must first know the story of Temenggor. More than two decades ago before Banding or even Temenggor Lake ever existed, a number of rivers from the mountain ranges flowed into the Temenggor lowlands and gorges, creating a huge catchment area.

While serving as a source of water supply to the neighbouring villages and "Orang Asli" (indigenous people) settlements, this rich source of food and water supply attracted the communist terrorists to the area.

In 1974, then Prime Minister, the late Tun Abdul Razak, had an ingenious plan to flush out the communists by building a dam and filling up the Temenggor catchment area with water from the mountain rivers. And thus the Temenggor lake was formed.

As a consequence, Banding (the highest peak in the Temenggor basin) was transformed into an island. With the East-West highway running through the island, Banding is the only island in Malaysia that is serviced by two bridges linking it to the mainland. As for the communist terrorists, they were summarily flushed out of the catchment area and were forced to flee to southern Thailand.

Attractions and Activities

Banding Island provides an excellent opportunity for tourists to indulge in a quiet association with nature.

The jungle surrounding Lake Temenggor is virtually untouched, and the island is the perfect base for exploring the lakes and tropical rainforest in the vicinity.

The surrounding jungle and the rivers that drain into the lakes offer an inexhaustible range of activities.

These span from fresh water fishing, boat rides, water sports and jungle trekking during the day, to the observation of wildlife at night.

For the eco-tourists, the study of flora and fauna is the main attraction, while for the budding sociologists, and overnight stay at the "Orang Asli" settlement can be arranged.

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